How To Play And Game Betting Rules

  • Winnings on fixed odds are easiest to calculate when the maximum number of lines obtainable have been secured. Just multiply the amount staked by the odd for the coupon that week.
  • However if in a permutation game, you get at least the minimum selection required, to determine your winnings, first you must know the lines of your selection, then your winning lines which is defined by the numbers you get correctly in your selection. You can then calculate your winning as follows:
    1. Multiply your winning lines by the amount staked per line;
    2. Multiply what you get in (i) above by the odd for the game that week.
  • For example: If you make a permutation of 3 from 6, the total number of lines is 20. If your total investment on the coupon is Birr500, that means the coupon was staked at Birr25 per line. If out of the 6 games, 5 are correct, your winning line is 10. If the odd for the game that week is 40, then your winning will be:
    1. 10 multiplied by 25 = 250
    2. 250 multiplied by 40 =10,000
  • However there is a more direct formula for this calculation which is:

    Winning WL x CPOD x AS TLS


    WL = Winning Lines = 10

    CPD = Coupon Odd = 40

    AS = Amount staked = 500

    TLS = Total Lines staked = 20

    Winning = 10 x 40 x 500 = 10000 20

  • Steve staked 10 numbers, expecting a minimum of 3, on the Ethiopia coupon with Birr24,000 in week 41. 8 of his selection were correct. How much did he win?


    WL = 56

    CPD = 124

    AS = 24000

    TLS = 120

    Winning = 56 x 124 x 24000 = 1,388,800 20

  • That same week, Steve staked 6 numbers expecting a minimum on the Under-4 Away coupon with Birr1200. 4 of his selections were correct. How much did he win?


    WL = 1

    CPD = 4

    AS = 1200

    TLS = 15

    Winning = 1 x 4 x 1200 = 320 15

  • But if 5 of his selection had been correct, his winning would have been:

    Winning = 5 x 4 x 1200 = 1600 15

  • If Steve had gotten the whole 6 selections correct, his winnings would have been directly calculated as:

    Winning = CPD x AS = 4 x 1200 = 4800

  • In the calculation of winnings, the ready reckoner comes very handy in determining the total lines staked and the winning lines.
    Permutation Table:
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  • The Soccer Pools game is based on the real Soccer match results. Player has to select coupons to predict the match results that will end in Draw/Home Wins/Away Wins. A list of 49 matches will be selected for each coupon type like Draw/Home/etc.
  • Select the matches
    The total number of combinations depends on the betting option chosen and the number of matches selected.
  • After selecting the matches enter the stake amount per combination and press the play button to confirm buy.
  • The prize amount is calculated based on the stake amount placed and prize category of selected coupon
  • For example, Buy the Draw coupon of Under 3 with stake amount of 5000.

    i) If total number of matches that ends in draw of this coupon is 10, and if your selection has a winning combination

    Winning amount is =40*5000=200000

    ii) If total number of matches that ends in draw of this coupon is 16, and if your selection has a winning combination

    Winning amount is =10*5000=50000